End of Summer

Fall has arrived again. All the boats have been pulled and the wind is howling along the coast as chilly autumn nights descend on Maine. Enjoy your winter, and get those boats ready for next year! Cheers!

LOW tide!

LOW tide!

How many Small Point sailors does it take to step a mast?

Too many to count!!   Andrew, John, Jonas, Ned, Sewall plus the obligatory supervisor under the age of 16…Ben!

IMG_0023Not a lot of wind, but perhaps one of the BEST starts to the season with regard to participation!  We are well on our way to that 20 boat fleet in August I hope.

David Coates, assisted by his able and ferocious son Mason (plus grandfather Manekin), sailed confidently to victory this past Saturday followed closely by Morgan in the Daddy-O (although not sure he was steering 🙂  ) .

Putnam, back in business in the Glimmer, rounded out the top 3 spots with the help of an upcoming star…Henry Weese!

Featured Pics!

Our Newest Committee Boat driver
Aiden Barna hard at work! 🙂
Sure would be nice if some of those Olga spectators
climbed into a sailboat!

Summer goes by quick, get your boat in the water or just come watch and cheer!

Welcome to 2015

And it begins…Unfortunately, the first race of the season was rained out today, but with the whole season ahead of us get ready to sail, get your boat in the water, encourage friends and family to come sailing with you and help keep our beloved fleet strong in this 2015 season!

  •  A 20 boat start in August…Saturday August 8th?
  • Another Summer School regatta…date to be determined
  • Renewed youth participation
  • Safe sailing throughout
  • Fun post race teas

Interested in crewing…contact John at johnherrigel@gmail.com

See you all on the race course!


Another racing season has come to a close, and against all odds we pulled off an amazing summer. Lots of cancellations and low attendance in July was a bit disheartening, but August showed her true colors: lots of boats, glorious weather, and fast sailing.

All the results can be found on the scoresheets, but here is a quick recap: Bob Vaughn dominated the August Saturday Series (in typical style), while the beautifully refurbished Tadpole (thank you Matt Brewer, Andrew St. John, Merritt Heminway, John Herrigel, and all the wonderful donors!) swept everything else.

The mooring string and marks have been pulled, the air has a crisp snap to it, and the September light has been amazing. Another summer in the books, now it’s time to enjoy the quiet of fall.



Winding Down

One more race on the schedule this summer, and it is sure to be a big one. The August Saturday Series is, as usual, hotly contested this year. There were five days raced, so it will be scored as a best 8 races (drop your worst 2 results). Other series have been equally intense, but the newly refurbished Tadpole seems to have them all locked up (unless I did my math wrong…). Check out the full results above, and see the calendar for the final weekend’s events.

There will be the customary tea at the SP Club immediately following Saturday’s race. Come by for lemonade, cookies, a beer, and the presentation of this summer’s awards. In case you missed it, last weekend was the Commodore’s Race and John Whipple came out ahead in the Kiya.

There is some discussion of a boat swap race on Sunday 8/31. Get in touch with Andrew if you’re interested. A Committee Boat driver will be needed, as I’m out of town for another wedding…

Enjoy Labor Day and these final summer days!