2012 Race Results

2016 Results Summary

Click here to view the full 2016 Results Summary. You’ll notice that Allegro won ALL series, including the Commodore’s Race and Commodore’s Cup (season long points total). Quite a feat to say the least, and a hearty congrats to the Heminway clan!

It’s still gorgeous out on the water, and fall is certainly coming fast. Enjoy September, get those boats under cover, and we will see you next summer.


Dave Coates, Commodore
Kip Weese, Vice Commodore
Ben Mitchell-Lewis, website guy

A Windy End to July!

After a totally wacky month, July is winding down. We only managed to have one Wednesday of racing, and there is one more possible day; the decision on how to score that Series is still under discussion…

As for Saturdays, we managed to squeeze 4 race days in between all the storms, so that series will be the standard best 6 (drop your two worst results). Looks like the newly refurbished and always-beloved Tadpole has the July Saturday Series locked up! Thanks again to all our wonderful donors, and don’t forget about the Second Annual Billy Smith Kids’ Regatta on August 8th! Fun racing with kids on each boat, and the new Committee Boat and Tadpole will be christened.

This past Saturday was a great race. Spinnakers flew in the first race, and the Kiya swamped on a fast downwind leg. They were towed into the beach, bailed out, and sailing again within an hour. Kudos to John Whipple and his good-spirited crew. Tadpole and CeCi each took home a win to cap off the Saturday Series. Click in the Quick Links above for the full results and an updated Calendar.

Here comes August!


Notes on the Weigh In

The results for the great SPOD weigh in can be viewed by clicking below (and they will be permanently available on the History page of the site). Hopefully more info will be added as time passes. Please read the following words from Andrew, and stay tuned for 2013 Race Season updates. Happy Summer!

2013 SPOD Hull Data (as of 6/29/13)

From Andrew St. John:

Good afternoon,
Last fall’s weighing exercise was a success. 18 boats were weighed, with predictably varying results, and after a semi-protracted struggle to get the bills paid, the results were distributed at the community meeting over Memorial Day.

An effort to get the balance of the racing fleet weighed would be a Good Thing. Of particular interest would be Sirius, Glimmer and Tara, all highly competitive boats.

There has been an ongoing argument as to whether it makes more sense to weigh the boats before the sailing season or after. Without going into detail or taking a position, it’s worth observing that the boats go into the water one at a time, and a coordinated weighing operation is more difficult at that time. We were able to weigh 18 of them last fall because they were all coming out of the water at once (well, one was a tad premature).

At some point during the summer, we expect the Commodore to convene another skipper’s meeting to consider the results of the weighing exercise, and what if anything to do about them.

Best regards, and looking forward to a wonderful sailing season,

Boat Swap!

Last Saturday, six skippers and their crews swapped boats and did some good racing. There was a great breeze and interesting results. I don’t have a spreadsheet for this one, so just read on for the full results. I’ll score it two ways: boat points and skipper points.

Race 1:
1st- Blue Moon
2nd- Kiya
3rd- Allegro
4th- Phoenix
5th- Daddy O
6th- Dirigo

Race 2:
1st- Blue Moon 
2nd- Phoenix
3rd- Dirigo
4th- Allegro
5th- Daddy O
6th- Kiya

Overall Points:
Blue Moon- 14
Phoenix- 10
Allegro- 9
Kiya- 8
Dirgo- 7
Daddy O- 6

Overall Skipper/Crew Points (1st race boat/2nd race boat):
John/Ben Whipple: 12  (Blue Moon/Dirigo)
Chris Williams/Thatcher Schultz: 11 (Phoenix/Blue Moon)
Andrew/Kate Blair:  11 (Allegro/Phoenix)
Merritt/Henry Weese: 8 (Kiya/Kiya)
Whit Mitchell/Peter Baynard: 6 (Dirigo/Allegro)
Cuthberts: 6 (Daddy O/Daddy O)

Commodore’s Race and End of Season Notes

Wind arrived just in time for the final race of the year, the Commodore’s Race. Good gusts blew all afternoon, and though the course was long and unorthodox (1-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) we finished up by 4 and enjoyed a nice end of season gathering at the Club. There, the series winners were announced and prizes were awarded. Merritt chose some embroidered tote bags for 2012—large for the winner, medium for second place, miniature for third. The overall season points winner took home a fancy jacket (rumored to be the same kind worn as the Olympic team…).

Here are some end of season results, and stay tuned for more end of season notes, info about the boat weighing project, etc. Click below for an annotated scoresheet from each series or read on for some basic final results.

SPYC 2012 Final Race Results

Commodore’s Race:
1st- Allegro (Merritt Heminway)
2nd- Blue Moon (Whit Mitchell)
3rd- Lordship (Peter Chandler)

Commodore’s Cup (season point total): On Edge (Hyde Family)

July Wednesday: CeCi (Sewall Janeway)

July Saturday: Glimmer (Putnam Coes)

August Wednesday: On Edge (Hyde Family)

August Saturday: Phoenix (Nathaniel St. John)

The Commodore’s Cup page has the full spreadsheet showing each race.

Thanks for a great season, and don’t forget about the Boat Swap race this Saturday, 9/1.