2013 Race Results

Season’s End

Another race season come and gone. Labor Day weekend is here, and boats are being pulled and readied for winter already. Summer always seems to end a hair to early here in Small Point; if you haven’t experienced September here in Maine, you are truly missing out. The full results are below, including the spreadsheets for each series and the Commodore’s Cup (season total points winner). I’ll feature the winners here, but click the links below for the full story. It was a great season out there; here’s to 2014! Get those boats in the water…

July Wednesday July Wednesday Results
1st- Escape
2nd- Allegro
3rd- Appeal

July Saturday July Saturday Results
1st- Kiya
2nd- Allegro
3rd- CeCi

August Wednesday August Wednesday Results
1st- CeCi
2nd- Escape
3rd- Tara

August Saturday August Saturday Results
1st- Tara
2nd- Escape
3rd- Kiya

Commodore’s Race
1st- Tara
2nd- Blue Moon
3rd- Dirigo

Commodore’s Cup Commodore’s Cup
1st- Escape (245 points, 24 races)
2nd- CeCi (214 points, 24 races)
3rd- tie with 187 points, Tara (17 races) and On Edge (23 races)

Sunday, August 25th—Commodore’s Race!

An excellent afternoon for the much-loved Commodore’s Race! The tea was well attended at the Club, and everyone seems to have enjoyed what has been a great season. Merritt’s reign as Commodore has ended; a big thank you to him and a congrats to John Herrigel who will be Commodore for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. I don’t have a spreadsheet for this race, so read on for the results.

1st- Tara
2nd- Blue Moon
3rd- Dirigo
4th- Kiya
5th- Santa Maria
6th- CeCi
7th- Allegro
8th- Lordship
9th- On Edge
10th- Orion (DNF)
11th- CCO (DNF)
12th- Siriol (DNF)

Saturday, August 31st Results

The final day on the water… and it was pretty darn nice. The wind started slow, but it picked up midway thru the first race. Kind of grey out there; a bittersweet ending to what has been a sunny, windy, competitive season. Click below for the results.

August Saturday Results

Saturday, August 24th Results

Another perfect day on the water! The wind faded towards the end, but it was gorgeous out there. Lots of spectators and 15 boats for what looks like the final busy Saturday. Don’t forget, the Commodore’s Race is tomorrow, Sunday the 25th! And in case you were wondering, the end of season tea directly follows the race tomorrow, but we WILL be racing next Wednesday and Saturday (and those races count!). We won’t know the big August winner for another week…

Click below for the full results, and the second link for a spreadsheet of every race completed so far with Commodore’s Cup points!

August Saturday Results

Commodore’s Cup Standings (as of 8/24)