2013 Power Rankings

Power Rankings: Week 4

August is almost here, who will finish up July with some wins?

1. Allegro. Merritt didn’t show Saturday, but he has been amazingly consistent this year. His crew is often variable…

2. Kiya. John Whipple lives for July Saturdays. And everyone knows he carries that momentum into August, so watch your backs!

3. Appeal. Someone tactfully pointed out that I left #3 off the rankings last time (and I forget to do Week 3!). I was simply waiting for the spot to be filled. Boat #3, the mighty Appeal is in the water and the Coates boys are in town. Let’s see what they can do.

4. Escape. Adam has been bringing home wins this month, and the heavy breeze has been great for him and Chad. Let’s hope the wind keeps blowing and they keep winning.

5. On Edge. Annie has been absent, but I bet she comes back this week looking for a win.

That’s the way it looks this week, get out on the water and see for yourself!

Power Rankings Week 2

My weekly write-up was missing for Week 1, but I’ll try to remember from here on out! Last week I just couldn’t be sure who would race and what the first days on the course would bring. It was a great pair of races, especially Saturday, which saw a handful of racers that typically don’t show until August. This week might be quieter, but here are my top picks:

1. Allegro. Two days into the season and Merritt has already won twice. Enough said.

2. Kiya. John Whipple launched his boat Saturday morning and took home a 3rd and 2nd later that afternoon. I bet he wants to stand atop the podium this week.

4. CeCi. Sewall is as reliable as he ever was, and he surely wants to erase the memory of a few funky tacks and a rough finish in Saturday’s second race.

5. Escape. Adam, as usual, is out for blood. I’d rank him much higher, but these light wind days are notoriously hard on Escape. I guess that comes from being the heaviest boat…

Come watch on Wednesday to see how Week 2 unfolds!